Back Pain during Pregnancy Successfully Treated by Ear Acupuncture

A study recently published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology advises pregnant women to go for ear acupuncture if they experience pain in the pelvis and in the back near the base of the backbone. This is a frequent pregnancy complaint which requires a good treatment course yet to be worked out.

Back Pain

The new study reports that a constant pressure on three acupuncture points in the ear sustained by pressure needles fixed with a tape for one week has been found to result in alleviation of back pain.

Some pregnant women who participated in the experiment reported a pain-free phase which lasted for one or two weeks, and all of them reported increased freedom of movement after the ear acupuncture treatment.

The only side effect to be expected is a slight soreness of some areas of the era.

Scientists are hopeful that a more successful treatment course for pregnant women suffering from back pain may arise from this discovery.

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