Breastfeeding Is a Good Preventive against Diabetes

Diabetes has published a study on the effect breastfeeding produces upon mothers’ metabolic syndrome, a condition characterized by a number of factors like elevated blood pressure and insulin resistance; it usually goes along with obesity problems and may lead to contracting diabetes and heart disease.


The research shows that breastfeeding has proven to be quite potent in lessening the risk of these symptoms developing in new mothers. Nine months’ and longer breastfeeding is able to pull down the metabolic syndrome threat by 56 percent. If a woman continues to breastfeed constantly for the next 15 years she is highly likely to drop the threat by further 15 percent yearly.

It is believed that women suffering from gestational diabetes run a chance of bringing the metabolic syndrome threat by 86 percent through breastfeeding alone.

In general breastfeeding women leading a healthier lifestyle tend to drop the pregnancy weight faster in comparison with those who decided against breastfeeding.

Nursing even for a shorter periods like a couple of months also proves to be salubrious, scientists concluded, although for a better protection a longer period of breastfeeding is advisable.

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