Car Seat Heaters Dangerous to Man’s Fertility

In many cities around the world, spring is quite insidious. Deceptive bright sun can be combined with really cold winter weather. At this time, the seat heating function in the car seems to be very relevant, and we will use it without thinking, if it is useful or not.


Car seat heaters were used for the first time by the Swedes. This option was invented for leather interiors – expensive, beautiful, practical, but terribly cold in winter. The idea was accepted favorably, and very soon almost all car manufacturers in the world equipped their cars with warm seat heaters. The advertising of these products says that their use reduces the risk of kidney disease, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, and prostatitis. All of a sudden, German urologist Herbert Sperling claimed that heated seats could be even more dangerous for men than too tight-fitting pants.

It is difficult to argue that heating is a significant advantage. It is not easy, after all, to force yourself to sit down on a cool seat on a cold morning. However, there are certain disadvantages and health risks as well.

Male Infertility Risk

If you stay in the seat, heated to an average of 38 ° C, for a long time, fertility (the ability to conceive) will decrease. The fact is that the normal temperature of the scrotum is slightly below normal – 34-35,5 ° C. Overheating makes sperm inactive, and it dramatically reduces the chances of conceiving a child. However, men’s potency is out of danger. Fortunately, such violations, caused by a moderate overheating, are usually reversible. The situation, when overheating and poor blood circulation aggravate the manifestation of such a male disease as varicocele, is more complicated. The veins of the spermatic cord become broader, which serves as an additional factor leading to male infertility.

Growing Tumors

Overheating is contraindicated in case of any type of cancer, even if you just suspect the disease. The thermal effect stimulates the growth of benign tumors, such as fibroids.

Inflammation Aggravation

In cases of acute inflammation, excessive overheating has a negative effect on the function of phagocytes and causes the development of lymphostasis in the tissues, i.e. swelling. Thus, additional heating, co-occurring with the inflammation of the appendages in women, can lead to complications.

Getting Cold

Sudden cooling, when leaving the car, can cause a whole bunch of diseases, ranging from a common cold to the most severe attack of sciatica.

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