The Effect of Cesarean Section on Breastfeeding

Although scientists and health officials urge mothers to keep breastfeeding their babies for half a year at least, many of them cease to breastfeed sooner for various reasons.


Cesarean section, scientists found, or instrument-helped birth do not deteriorate in any way mothers’ breastfeeding rate.

A study published in BMC Pediatrics states that there is no correlation between the way the baby came into the world and the mother’s breastfeeding ability; the use of helping techniques does not interfere with breastfeeding nor does it shorten its possible period.

Breastfeeding duration also shows an insignificant link with the time that elapsed between the baby’s birth and putting to the breast.

The most influential factors affecting the rate of breastfeeding are, according to the article, the mother’s ethnicity and the number of pregnancies. Whereas the economic factor has hardly any influence on the issue as well as the mother’s and marital status.

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