Child’s Body Posture Tips

Child’s posture is one of the foundations of your child’s health. Teaching a child to keep the back straight is a difficult thing to do. However, the dividends you can obtain are significant, especially to the child.


Why Is Straight Posture in Children So Important?

Children’s posture causes headache in most parents. In fact, mom and dad are not worried for nothing: violation of straight posture in children may bring very serious health problems in future. Fixing a bad posture in the child is not difficult, after all.

Posture Stats

A good posture helps the child feel more comfortable and confident, but it also helps prevent fatigue and abnormal bone growth. It can reduce to nothing the risk of various diseases associated with the performance of the musculoskeletal system, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Medical statistics has some bad news for us: in some countries, more than half of the children have problems with the spine. As a rule, it gets deformed as a result of incorrect position of the body when the child is sitting at the table. The problem is aggravated by the fact that the spine is formed at a young age. Mothers keep telling their children to sit straight and not to slouch, but it is not the most effective way to preserve the child’s good posture. There are some better methods.

Tricks to Make the Kid Keep a Good Posture?

Walking Barefoot

Allow your child to walk barefoot – at home or in other places where it can be done safely. Walking barefoot is useful for children’s posture because it provides better transmission of sensory information from the legs to the rest of the body, and it promotes proper body location in space.

Make a Posture Deal with Your Kid

Reach an agreement with your child: for example, he/she should sit upright for 20 minutes when watching TV, and you will give the child some slack instead – for example, you may allow him/her to watch TV a little longer than usual.

Furniture May Affect the Child’s Posture

Think about the furniture your child uses. Your child’s table or desk should be at the elbow height, when he/she sits upright with relaxed hands. If the children work with a computer that is used by other family members, show them how to set up the monitor for it to be at the eye level.

Physical Activity

Finally, there is one more important thing for the formation of children’s posture – physical activity. Parents must encourage the child to be physically active and participate in sports. In addition to the benefits of muscle strengthening, the schedule of healthy physical activity can reduce the number of hours per week that your child spends in front of a computer or TV. Sports such as swimming, basketball, soccer and badminton are especially useful for children’s posture.

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  1. Get Straight

    It is a great post! It is undeniable that good posture is very important for children to avoid abnormal bone growth. The children nowadays are having poor posture while playing with their phones and computers. That’s worrying phenomena. Children must be trained to have good posture since they are young.

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