Computer Games Cause Arthritis

Adolescent enthusiasm about gaming devices and SMS service may be the reason for rheumatoid arthritis in adulthood. This is the conclusion that the scientists from University Hospital of joint diseases, New York, have reached.

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The scientists say the research has shown the negative impact of computer games and mobile phones on the joints of nine-year-old children. According to Yusuf Yazichi, MD, it raises concerns about the impact of modern technology on their future life. As a rule, the children who use these devices for a long time, experience soreness in their fingers and wrists.

The study has found that girls experience pain more often than boys, possibly because they send more SMS messages – up to 50 a day.

Pain usually appears 2 hours after the continuous use of electronic devices and only gets worse with time.

Since repeated movements lead to injuries of tendons, it creates favorable conditions for the appearance of rheumatoid arthritis in the joints. There is every reason to believe that the fun derived from innocent use of electronic devices will turn into serious problems in the future.

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