Correct Breastfeeding Makes a Difference of a Million Lives

Baby BreastfeedingAccording to WHO official reports, the introduction of correct breastfeeding will make a difference of 1.3 million saved children’s lives every year. It lessens the risk of babies contracting pneumonia, diarrhea and other illnesses, to a considerable extent.

Health experts assert that breast milk provides all the nutrients the infant needs during the first half year.

Therefore the WHO guidelines specify that nursing should begin from the birth of the child, and the child should be fed on breast milk solely for the six following months.

The WHO statement appearing to coincide with the World Breastfeeding Week starting on August 1, proclaims that the global breastfeeding rate for babies in their first half-year, if heightened to 90 percent, can take away about 13 percent from the annual 10 million deaths of infants younger than 5.

The official statement suggests that hospitals, health clinics and social workers should instruct new mothers on the correct breastfeeding procedure.

It is all the more necessary since according to statistics only under 40 percent of mothers of the world observe the correct procedure, while many others quit giving children breast because it is painful and uncomfortable for them for various reasons.

Another important suggestion related to the swine flu threat is that pregnant women manifesting A/H1N1 symptoms should be immediately treated with antiviral drugs like Tamiflu and the swine flu vaccine. It is believed that should mothers or their baby develop swine flu and the mother is receiving antiviral treatment, it doesn’t constitute a reason to stop breastfeeding.

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