Dealing with Pregnancy Body Changes

For a woman pregnancy means a series of major body changes for the whole 9-month period, followed by labor and subsequent return of the body to its normal condition; all these transformations tell on the woman’s emotional state to a great degree. Must it always be an emotionally difficult period? No, experts say; if a woman is in terms with herself and her body, she will be enthusiastic and accepting about everything that is happening to her.

Pregnant Tummy

Enjoy Living in Your Body Prior to Pregnancy

Feeling fine about your body has little to do with your face or your curves – it’s your attitude that matters. When you feel good living in your body you realize that you can control it but partly, and you learn to accept changes in it. Therefore, physical and emotional conditions of pregnancy come as little surprise, and you adapt to any changes more readily and easily. Also it’s advisable to know in advance about what changes you will have to face.

Enjoy Living in Your Body during Pregnancy

The understanding that whatever is happening to you is necessary for the proper development of your baby ought to be enough to make you happy about body changes.

Your body begins to work for your baby

When the fertilized egg is received in the uterus, it sets off a series of changes as your body adapts itself to the growing fetus. It has a system of life support in the placenta, umbilical cord, and amniotic sac. The placenta reacts at once by producing all the hormones necessary for your and baby’s health and harmonic co-existence, giving rise to multiple body changes. For example, your breasts begin to get ready for feeding.

The placenta’s activity makes the body increase the blood flow, blood circulation becomes faster and produces the magic outward effect known as “pregnancy glow.”

Besides, all the metabolic processes gain speed, making women want to eat more and desire some special kinds of food (“food cravings”). As the fetus grow, you need more and more nutrients to support the growth – not forgetting your own increased needs!

The amniotic sac that envelops the baby begins to get filled with amniotic fluid to keep the baby protected from any sudden sharp movements or falls. That makes the uterus grow larger.

Other needs of your body while you are bearing:

Physical exercise

Allowed workouts during pregnancy keep your body strong and enhance your sex appeal. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists urges to have daily workouts for 30 minutes and more. But you OUGHT to consult with your health care provider before you start on it.

Give Yourself Treats

Make yourself feel good both physically (sign up for a massage) and spiritually. Indulge in a shopping spree and get yourself new cool maternity clothes that will make you look your best. Consider the next 9 months as a time for enjoyment.

Secure good support

A pregnant woman gets more vulnerable emotionally, so take care to be about people who understand you and render support; stay away from all sources of negative influence. If you feel you need more support, discuss it with your nearest and dearest.

Enjoy Living in Your Body after Delivery

Once you have delivered the baby your body will begin to get back to its previous state – which is a rather slow process. First, your body has to recover after the long and trying period, so you need to rest and sleep as much as you can afford. That’s the time when you will require assistance from your family who will take care of the baby while you lay back and relax.

Your body is ready for exercising which will get you into shape and mood much quicker. Do stints in a gym, take walks or just resume your activities – you will get out of the house and buoy up your spirit.

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