Denmark to Fight Childhood Obesity

The epidemic of childhood obesity spreads in more and more countries, and according to statistics, every third child in developed countries suffers from excess weight today. Numerous scientists, who are trying to find ways to combat this phenomenon, maybe should pay attention to the achievements of their Danish colleagues.


Denmark has implemented a scientifically based strategy aimed at increasing physical activity among children, as well as improving their diet.

According to Doctor Jens Christian Holm, one of the developers of the strategy, the sooner the adults intervene, the healthier life their children will have. Neglected children most often suffer from childhood obesity. They are alone, they do not participate in games with peers, and they lack confidence in themselves. Each child receives a developed individual scheme designed to suppress the body’s natural ability to resist fat loss.

The scheme involves rejecting the use of crunchy muesli or fruit yogurt for breakfast, transferring to oats and rye wholegrain bread, meat and fish, the rejection of white bread and fast food, and opting for fruits and vegetables. Children must receive at least 50% of vegetables in each plate, at least two fruits every day, and something sweet no more than once a week.

It presupposes a limited intake of juices, ice tea, cocoa, soda or lemonade – no more than once a week and no more than half a liter. Children are expected to walk or cycle to school regularly, get involved in any sports, such as gymnastics, football and dancing. It is necessary to limit the time watching television or computer to two hours a day (at the same time, there should be no television or computer till five o’clock in the evening). One needs regular going to bed and waking up at the same time.

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