Drinking Alcohol during Pregnancy

Nonalcholic DrinkMany of you have surely heard that once a woman finds out she is pregnant she should drink only nonalcoholic drinks during all the 9 months of pregnancy, otherwise she may risk her future baby’s health. But a group of researchers from the University College London, led by Dr. Yvonne Kelly, revealed that light drinking causes no harm during pregnancy. The researches defined light drinking as one to two drinks a week. Learn about the effect of alcohol consumption on the health of your future baby below.

The study of 12500 three year olds showed that light drinking by mothers during pregnancy had a minor effect on the health of their babies. According to interviews with mothers, 63% abstained from drinking while pregnant, 29% drank lightly, 6% drank moderately and 2% drank heavily. Three years later, the researchers examined newborn babies and interviewed their parents once again. The study data show that boys born to mothers who drank lightly were 40 percent less likely to have behavioral difficulties and 30 percent less likely to have hyperactivity compared to those born to abstinent mothers. As to girls, they were 30 percent less likely to have emotional problems.

However experts disagree on the interpretation of these findings. The question is whether it will reassure women or lull them into a false sense of security and provoke them to make mistakes. The government encourages pregnant women to avoid drinking alcohol. But if you do drink, make sure you drink no more than two units a week. The link between heavy drinking and pregnancy problems is well established. In worst cases, it may lead to miscarriages, death or abnormal embryonic development. Also, children may be born with mental and physical development problems.

Dr. Yvonne Kelly says the positive effects of light drinking could be attributable to the social environment, education level, higher income households and the fact that such mothers feel more comfortable.

Latest Comments
  1. Arina B.

    I’m early pregnant (8 weeks), and my gynaecologist says the same – I can drink alcohol once a week, but no more than a glass of wine. I liked drinking wine before pregnancy and if this can only do my baby good, I will surely do it 🙂

  2. Heather

    I think such drinks as wine are only good during pregnancy (if you drink moderately, of course) but such things as vodka, cognac or whiskey are too strong for the organism of the expecting mother.

  3. mia-mia

    i dont think we can really trust these scientists. even if they know their job they always find something “new” and if they say today pregnant women can drink alcohol tomorrow they can find they mustnt. dont believe scientists and their new findings better ask your doctor.

  4. Erin

    They don’t know what amount of alcohol is safe in pregnancy. And I find it odd that researchers would find enough willing pregnant women to take part in this study. The effects may not be noticable at first, but I wonder if there are developemental problems as the child gets older. Nine months is not along time to not drink.

  5. Stretch Marks

    Just follow your instincts if you feel that drinking alcohol is bad for you don’t do it.

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