How Environmental Factors Impact Pregnant Woman and Her Baby

A series of researches has led Polish scientists to sad conclusions that air pollution levels directly impact fetus growth. For instance, even small increase in air pollution levels (like the difference between the lake air and the busy street air) will reduce the weight of newly born by 5-7 percent below normal. The same research was conducted in the U.S. and was related to miscarriages.


Air Pollution and Premature Birth

American scientists found that pregnant women who live in the environment with high air pollution levels have the risk of premature birth increased by 7 percent. If a woman breathes in the air polluted by sulfurous gas during the last weeks of pregnancy, the risk increases by as much as 15 percent.

Inborn Heart Defect

Scientists from the University of California in Los Angeles spent a lot of time studying how toxins in air tied to the development of inborn heart defects. They found that more pollution in the area where a pregnant woman lives was associated with greater risk that her baby will be born with health problems.

Office Work and Health of Pregnant Woman

So, shall we never go out then? Quite on the contrary. Even more shocking it sounds that the air inside offices and our homes is more polluted than outdoors. Poor ventilation, operating household appliances and smoking have a very negative effect on fetus. It becomes especially important on the second months of pregnancy when internal organs of fetus start forming, while expectant moms usually don’t think of leaving their jobs on the second month.

How to Ensure Health of Your Baby

Tips for women who want to give birth to a healthy baby a simple. Moms should walk more along rivers and lakes, in parks and in the country where the air if cleaner and water binds toxins to the ground. They should less time watching TV or sitting at the computer. Do not use harsh cleaning agents (like those for sink cleaning). Try to reduce on your cell phone use and walk outdoors more often.

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