False Pregnancy

What is a false pregnancy? False pregnancy is a rare psycho-emotional disorder associated with the excessive release of hormones by the pituitary gland. It is associated with a prolonged psycho traumatic situation the patient is in.

Pregnant or not?

False Pregnancy Symptoms

A false pregnancy has all the symptoms that a usual pregnancy has – delay of menstruation, mood swings, morning sickness, increase in breast and abdomen size. The term of false pregnancy is about three months.

It is easy to diagnose false pregnancy. It is enough to make a urine test, which is sold in every drugstore and is available to any woman. Very rarely a test can be positive. In this case, the ultrasound will give a reliable answer to the question.

Who’s More Prone to False Pregnancy?

Doctors point out three categories of women prone to this disorder:

  1. women who have previously had a miscarriage or whose child died.
  2. mentally unstable women or women with an easily excitable nervous system.
  3. infertile women aged from 30 to 40 who are not able to get pregnant for health reasons.

False Pregnancy Treatment

A talk with a gynecologist after diagnosing can stop the development of a false pregnancy. However, in some cases women may require the assistance of a therapist or even a psychiatrist, with the active participation of the woman’ relatives and friends.

False Pregnancy Statistics

Statistics show that for 20000-25000 pregnancies from 1 to 7 are false ones.

It should be noted that the state of a false pregnancy, although rarely, occurs with men. Typically, such men’s women are pregnant. Much more often than with men, false pregnancy is observed with different animals, including dogs and cats.

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