Fish Oil Prevents Miscarriage

Consumption of fish oil during pregnancy prevents the development of gestational diabetes complications (characterized by increased levels of blood sugar during pregnancy), preeclampsia (pregnancy pathologies marked with arterial hypertension), reduces the risk of miscarriage and improves fetal growth. This was stated by staff of the University of Western Australia.


In the course of the experiment, the experts included fish oil into the pregnant rodents’ diet, and watched how it influenced the placenta and the fetus. It was found that such a diet increases the levels of anti-inflammatory lipids (resolvins) in the placenta. Previous studies have shown that resolvins are formed from omega-3 fatty acids and reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases.

According to the scientists, placental inflammation can lead to complications during pregnancy, including gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia and miscarriage. However, they failed to prove that omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil or dietary supplements can help to minimize the risk of placental inflammation.

The author of the study Megan Jones said that in addition to the already known facts about the positive impact of fish oil on the fetus’ brain and its development, it now appears that it also improves the functioning of the placenta.

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