Fitness for Infants

The new service offered in Japanese sports clubs has gained extraordinary popularity. In the land of the rising sun, mothers begin to take their babies to fitness classes from the age of one and a half months.


Japanese children are taught physical activity when they have not even begun to explore the world. The infants visit classes in specialized groups where they get strengthening exercises. The infants, who cannot even crawl yet, are already learning to dance (instructors introduce the babies to the sense of rhythm, moving their limbs to specially selected music).

When the small Japanese reach the age of three, they move to the “middle” group, where they learn the basics of martial arts, performing exercises for flexibility, concentration and stimulation of the circulatory system.

From five, the children are already engaged in “adult” fitness. The classes combine game moments and elements of Japanese martial arts – aikido, karate, etc.

Interestingly, the subscription for infant fitness costs as much as for their parents, but young moms and dads do not regret spending money on the physical education of their babies. Healthy lifestyle is in fashion today, and the experts believe that a well-designed program of physical activity will keep the babies slim and will save them from many diseases when they achieve adulthood. In addition, $100 a month (that is how much it costs to subscribe to a fitness club) is a little sum of money for the Japanese, since the average salary in Japan is almost 3000 dollars.

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