Fresh Air Activities Prevent Myopia in Kids

Experts call to have classes for children in the open air, to stop the epidemic of myopia. In China, for this purpose, students study in special translucent rooms made of glass.


British researchers believe that children may study outdoors instead of a classroom. Only this tactic will help fight against the epidemic of childhood myopia, which involves an increasing number of students. According to the research authors, children spend too much time inside dim rooms damaging their eyesight.

Do not think that studying outdoors is only possible during the warmer months. In China, students are already studying in large translucent glass rooms, which retain heat and provide absolute penetration of sunlight. 80% of children in Beijing suffer from myopia. In the UK, about 40% of students are myopia patients and, according to experts, this figure will continue to grow.

British laser eye surgeon Dr David Allamby says that for 100 years they have been researching into the effects of reading and prolonged study on making short-sightedness worse. It has become a common belief that spending too much time reading, either from a book or gadget, will make eyesight worse. However, the reason turned to be different. Today, some Chinese students are studying in huge glass classes, and they have dramatically reduced the level of short-sightedness.

Several studies have shown it is the lack of daylight that is a major cause of childhood myopia, not prolonged reading. Chinese experts, who promote the idea of ​​teaching students in glass rooms, actively popularize outdoor classes. They say this helps reduce myopia by 23%.

Some savage tribes residing in the open air, such as those living in Gabon, have the smallest level of myopia. Just every 200th resident suffers from this problem there. In the UK, every third resident suffers from short-sightedness, and in some parts of Asia this figure reaches as high as 90%.

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