Gadgets Dumb Children

If a child reads with difficulty, the problem is not with the child, but with the things that surround him/her. The experts from the British National Foundation for Educational Research are convinced that children who have a mobile phone or a TV set, read worse than their peers.

Child using a gadget

In the course of the study, the experts observed 4000 students and found that if the children had a TV-set and a DVD-player in their room, and if the children actively used their mobile phone, they were less likely to cope with the reading test as successfully as their peers, who did not have any of these gadgets.

Playing musical instruments had quite the opposite effect: the children, who had music classes, read better than others. In addition, the scientists discovered another pattern: the longer the child was sitting in the social networks, the worse results he/she had in physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

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