Giving Birth after Miscarriage

The scientists discovered that women, who had had a miscarriage, could get a real chance to give birth to a healthy baby without endangering their health and the life of the still unborn child.


The British researchers believe they have found a cheap and affordable medicine that can increase the chances of having a healthy baby if the woman has had a miscarriage before. The medicine is a steroid that is often used to cope with the symptoms of asthma.

Now, the scientists have discovered that this very substance can also be used to maintain pregnancy and avoid any trouble with health. However, it is necessary to take the medication regularly, otherwise its effect will disappear. It will help to significantly reduce the risk of miscarriage and will favorably affect the state of the woman’s body in general. Some women just feel discouraged after two or three miscarriages, and they cease to believe that the situation can change.

There has been an experiment which shows that only 60% of women can have their first baby born healthy, without any deviations. In other cases, there happens a miscarriage or any other negative symptoms. Professor James Quinby described the development of the new medication as a huge step forward in the field of medicine. The medication is planned to appear in drugstores in the near future, and any woman will be able to use it. However, before taking the medicine, pregnant women must see their doctor.

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