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Even if you are not planning to have a baby yet, there might be one day when you say to yourself: “I’m now successful enough, it’s time to think about the family. And why not have a baby next fall?” But, unfortunately, it sometimes happens that women face distressing pregnancy problems, first of all, conception problems. Desperately trying to find reasons, many blame it all on their past. Why do we have difficulties in getting pregnant? And what can you do about the aftermath of reckless youth? Learn about what really leads to pregnancy problems below. Sometimes we simply look for the problem where it doesn’t exist. In other cases, we play down the risk, or even invent problems ourselves while thinking we fight them.

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Chronic Diseases

Remember emergency instructions on the plane telling you to first put an oxygen mask on yourself before putting a mask on a child. If you breathe, you are able to help your child. The same is true about the health of your future baby. Your own health is a priority! Nobody’s going to get pregnant, bear and give birth as well as to provide care for your child for you. Future mother is more important than her future baby, if you think about it.

Don’t disregard any ailments, especially those relating to the reproductive system. Delays in menstrual cycle, painful menstruation, hair growing where it shouldn’t all direct you to a gynecologist’s office. This point is further proven by the health care reform tax credit, which allows for better healthcare and pre-natal care. Thinking that the problems will disappear after childbirth is misleading.

If you had chronic tonsillitis or “wrong” kidneys as a child, consult health specialists when you’ve decided to have a baby. It’s better to make sure you left your ailments in childhood.

Stress and Conception Problems

If you have strained relationships with your parents and colleagues, if you cry yourself blind and can’t forget the love affair that failed like ten years ago, if there are some taboo topics among your family, etc, – give it a thought. Motherhood is a serious matter, and you should make a self-confident decision. It might be helpful to go to a psychologist, alone or with your family.

Is Pregnancy a Challenge?

It often happens that girls who were raised in families where pregnancy was always a challenge expect their own experience to be as frightening and heroic. There are often no hereditary diseases involved, but the anxiety is enough for them to make problems out of nothing. And stresses work just like the Pill. Gynecologists can do nothing to ease your stress. That’s a psychologist’s job.

Eating Healthy

“Starvation” isn’t synonymous with “vegetarianism”. Experienced dieticians create vegetarian diet plans able to provide an adult with all essential proteins, vitamins, fats and microelements. Keeping this kind of diet requires much effort.

Some women think it is ethically wrong to eat food of animal origin because they don’t want to hurt other living creatures. To each it’s own, but your baby needs some amino acids and fats that are found only in fish, meat, milk and eggs. So if you plan to have a baby, decide which of little helpless creatures is more important for you.

Being healthy before and during pregnancy is very crucial to you and your baby. For a healthy pregnancy, consider a Nursing from CUA online to learn all the necessary information about pregnancy.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking affects fertility both in men and in women. According to studies, smokers are more likely to have less active sperm. The study in Britain involving 17 032 women showed the link between the number of smoked cigarettes and infertility.

Use Birth Control Pills Smartly

Choosing the right time for the baby is crucial. But contraception may put your future fertility at risk as well. So you need to talk to a health specialist about choosing the right birth control pills. For example, women with liver disorders or pancreatic gland problems should avoid oral contraceptives.

Never listen to what your friends are saying about contraception pills. Neither your friends nor a druggist are able to give you a professional advice. You should seek a consultation from health specialists. “Emergency contraception” is not a female trick, it is a powerful hormonal blow. Therefore, don’t jeopardize your fertility and learn about all the risks of contraception.

Think if Your “Healthy” Attitude Helps

Are you going to buy only Organic baby food? Are you going to give your baby only filtered water? Are you going to put on your baby only cloth diapers because you think paper ones are toxic? Is this what you are absolutely going to do?

If you confine yourself into the rigid limits, it indicates emotional ill-being. It goes hand in hand with the stress that prevents you from getting pregnant and may harm your future baby.

It goes without saying you don’t have to buy cheap food of suspicious origin. Just keep eating what you’ve always eaten and live your life the way you’ve lived it if you feel good and happy. Why change anything and stir up anxiety? Without anxiety, you body focuses on what it should normally do.

Preventive Care

Focus on your health and visit a hospital for examinations regularly if you are an athlete or work under “abnormal” conditions – you often fly on the plane and change time zones, you contact chemicals (in a lab or printing works), you spend a lot of time on foot, or in heat and sultriness. Don’t neglect injuries and ignore uncomfortable sensations. You may feel the consequences of injuries of the locomotor system or intoxications later when it’s time to be in great shape and bear a child.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to quit your job or hobby. Just make sure you don’t neglect your possible health problems.

Getting Slim

Acute weight changes and nonstop succession of slimming diets and fast-food comebacks is worse than having natural fold of fat on your waist, ample breasts and large hips. Excessive weight is what really can harm you, but not the one that makes it hard for you to fit XS size.

Don’t be Afraid of Dentists

Neglected focuses of inflammation are a ticking bomb in your body. Most often, the focuses are in our teeth, and we are so afraid of dental treatment that we simply take painkillers to delay the visit to the dentist’s. But for your future baby’s sake, try to understand what is so dreadful about dental treatment and fight your fears.

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  1. Tina Brown

    One of the most important things to do right before pregnancy is to visit a dentist. You will not be able to do it during pregnancy. Some drugs, substances and anaesthesia can cause allergy and harm your future baby. Don’t be afraid of dentists!


    Tina, you’re absolutely right, it’s very important to maintain a good dental health before pregnancy. And don’t forget to eat foods containing calcium during pregnancy!

  3. Sexy Mom

    The best way to conceive is to relax first and enjoy life (and sex with your husband). Anxiety after just a couple of months of trying to conceive leads only to more conception problems. Girls, relax! Stresses only cause more problems.

  4. x me x

    I personally don’t want to have children at all. If I could I would sterilize myself not to use condoms and poison my body with birth control pills! I just want live my happy life with my boyfriend. And a baby would only disturb.


    If you don’t want to have children now, it doesn’t mean you won’t do in 5 or 10 years. I remember myself saying almost the same things as you now, but things have changed, and it took a couple of years.

  6. Pregnancy

    Preparation is the best thing to do than prevention about pregnancy because we can’t tell when we want to do those things and if we did it we cannot stop it as we want.

  7. Elena

    The person who named herself x me x doesn’t understand what she says. She is probably too young and haven’t yet met the man she would want to have children with. I used to be as silly when I was a teeny. Now I’m 24, 3 months pregnant and very happy with my hubby 🙂

  8. McMe

    I wish I read this article before pregnancy…

  9. Meat Cooking Time Calculator

    Victory! At last I have found a site that answers my questions. Thank you from a very grateful heart. Dorothy Wildman.

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