A Good Time To Call It Quits: How Not to Be a Pregnant Smoker

If you are expecting a baby, now is the perfect time to give up the harmful habit of cigarette smoking once and for all. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Good thing there are options to help you quit. Combine the motivation of motherhood with a proven nicotine reduction program, and you may be able to stop smoking as soon as possible.

Why quit now

Tobacco exposure while in the womb is one of the biggest risk factors for infants before and after birth. Trouble is, it’s difficult for anyone to quit a tobacco habit, especially women who have been addicted to nicotine for a long time. Some women are lucky and become violently ill when exposed to tobacco smoke while pregnant. Most responsible moms-to-be ‘go cold turkey’ or seek alternate ways to discard the unhealthy habit of cigarette smoking.

“Going cold turkey”

A lot of expectant women manage to do it, but suddenly quitting or ‘going cold turkey’ can be rough stuff on the body and mind. Nicotine withdrawal is difficult and many pregnant women find themselves suffering terribly when they abruptly quit. Withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, increased appetite, insomnia, and major irritability, explains WebMD. Physiological symptoms typically peak around 48 hours after the last cigarette and start to abate after a few days. Mental cravings for tobacco can last a lot longer, though. That’s why many experts recommend a gradual nicotine cessation program as a way to not be a pregnant smoker.

Nicotine replacement therapies

While the jury is still out on whether nicotine replacement therapy or NRT, is less harmful to the baby than actual maternal cigarette smoking, experts at the National Institutes of Health note that nicotine replacement in lieu of smoking is definitely better for the mother. Numerous physicians recommend nicotine replacement therapies to expectant smokers. Nicotine does cross the placental barrier, so most doctors advise moms-to-be to reduce and eliminate its use asap.

Options for NRT include oral sprays and nicotine lozenges or gum that deliver a measured dose of nicotine to ease the quitter through harsh cravings. Stop-smoking patches are not generally prescribed for pregnant women. Those in the know say that NRT significantly boosts the success rate of anyone trying to quit smoking. As far as mommy and baby health is concerned, stopping the tobacco habit with NRT is exponentially better for both than continuing to smoke cigarettes.

Vaping as a way to quit smoking comfortably

Gizmodo reports that more than 70 percent of vapers say that Eliquid and other vaping products helped them successfully ditch the analog cigarette habit. This is very good news for moms who want to quit. For persons who don’t stop smoking all the way, vaping significantly reduced their cigarette consumption.

To vape or not to vape is a personal choice. If you’re pregnant or plan to be, and you want to quit smoking, please consult your obstetrician before using any vaporizer product.

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