Healthy Ways Of Dealing With Hangovers

So you’re not a breastfeeding mama anymore, your kid has grown and eats his or her own meals. Also, you may eat and drink whatever you desire. Plus, you don’t spend that much time with your lovely child anymore and can sometimes relax, go out with your husband or girlfriends and think of a glass of wine or two. And it’s time most mothers try drinking alcohol for the first time after a long break. Well, this is the point where you should, by all means, take into consideration the facts that your body has forgotten how to deal with alcohol. Even if you used to drink two pints of beer without even noticing it, it doesn’t matter you can now.

So, in such situations, your organism’s reaction to the drink may be unpredictable. You may even get a hangover the next morning after having drunk just two glasses of champagne. We hope that won’t happen to you, but in case it did, here are some simple but useful tips on how to deal with it.

Splitting headaches, feeling nauseous or having stomach disorders after too much drinking are all signs that you are experiencing a hangover. Most people love to enjoy most of their happy occasions with the help liquor but the unpleasant after effects sometimes make us think twice about it.
How To Deal With Hangovers Tips

  1. Drink temperately. Not drinking at all is not a practical solution to most adults. However, drinking with limits will go in a long way in reducing the after effects. Drinking too much too quickly means more work for your liver. It will need to produce more enzymes to detoxify your body. Unfortunately, the liver is not used to continuous production and supply of the enzymes. So it will not be able to match your levels of drinking. This will worsen your hangovers. Alcohol as a depressant will produce glutamine which makes after effects worse. Furthermore, alcohol causes irritations to the stomach linings. These stomach linings are supposed to protect you. Once they are irritated you are definitely going to feel nauseous and have gastrointestinal distress.
  2. Drink light colored liquors. Apart from too much drinking, consumption of dark liquors is another predominant cause of hangovers. Dark colored liquors have more chemical by-products of fermentation than clear or light colored liquors. As such drinking light liquors decreases the seriousness of your hangovers. Even gamblers are urged not to drink while playing casino games. You may want to visit for tips on responsible gambling. Similar to gamblers, mothers after the nursing time are recommended to control what and how much they drink.
  3. Fill your stomach before drinking. It is not advisable to drink liquor on an empty stomach. This will increase irritation in your stomach. Eating a hearty meal before consumption of alcohol may not be a great idea to all those who are working on losing weight. However, drinking on an empty stomach will quickly and seriously create adverse effects. Eating a hearty meal before taking in alcohol slackens the absorption of liquor in your body. Which relieves the amount of work that your liver has to do.

So, we wish you a pleasant and fun first night out after your “parental leave” without any signs of a hangover!

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