How to Avoid Back Pain during Pregnancy

Pregnant Woman Suffering from Back PainEvery second expecting mom experiences back pain. No wonder, since her abdomen rounds and thus the center of gravity shifts. But there’s no need to endure pain. A pregnant woman needs to feel comfortable in her daily life. Pregnancy shouldn’t be a kind of torture for you! Here are some tips on how to make your pregnancy free from back pains.

Keep your Back Straight

To prepare your back for the new round belly, start early and do easy static exercises from the first day of the pregnancy. Lay on your back, keep your legs parallel, relax your shoulders, lower the pelvis till there is no sag in the waist. Lotus position is great for pregnant women, since in this position the back is perfectly straight and there is no pressure on it.

In addition, if you need to lift something, make sure to shift the weight on your legs by bending your knees, not your back. Women in their third trimester should not lift heavy bags, or any furniture, even if it’s really small.


Massage will help you relax and will also work on your muscles. Ask your doctor about massages for pregnant women. you may be prescribed kinesitherapy sessions. A specialist can teach some simple techniques to the expecting daddy, so that he would be able to give you extra massage at home.

Band for Pregnant Women

This band may come really handy, especially if your work is related to physical work or if you are expecting twins. It may sound not very aesthetic but it will definitely make your life easier by supporting your abdomen, spine, and strengthening the bones of the pelvis.

No High Heels

For the time of pregnancy you can store your high heels in the deepest corner of your closet. Apart for the fact that they are dangerous, since you can trip at any moment when wearing them, they also worsen the sagging in the back. If you simply can not survive without high heels then at least wear low-heel shoes (heels no more than 4 cm high).

Physical Activities

Have you been exercising before pregnancy? This is not the time to stop exercising. Workout under supervision of stretching, Pilates, yoga, swimming, or aqua aerobics specialist. These exercises will strengthen the abdominal muscles and vertebrates, which are highly stressed during pregnancy. If sport is not your thing, then at least try walking more and doing some simple exercises for pregnant women.


Pilates before pregnancy is a really great way to avoid back pain during pregnancy. Pilates exercises make your back muscles stronger, so, they support the spine better. By the way, you can do Pilates exercises during pregnancy, too.


Do not overwork yourself, do not carry or lift heavy loads, do not start major cleaning. Take it easy. Furthermore, no need to be shy if you want and have opportunity to stay in bed longer, go ahead and treat yourself.

Driving during Pregnancy

Sitting for a long time exerts too much stress on your back. If you really need to make a long trip then choose train. However, if you have no other choice but to drive then at least make regular stops every hour in order to stretch your body and take some fresh air. Finally, make sure to fasten the seat belt properly – it should be placed under and above the belly.

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  1. g-2

    wearing a bandage helps treat backache during pregnance. it looks not nice indeed but is helpful. not all bandages can be seen under clothes.

  2. Quality Baby Carriers

    Thanks for sharing, ive been having backpains and these info will really help me with my entire pregnancy. Thanks

  3. pregnancy relaxation music

    A combination of yoga and wearing a band worked for me. I spent my first pregnancy in agony with backpain but it did ease when I started to wear the elasticated band. In my second pregnancy I started to wear the band much sooner (around month 5), and the pain wasn’t nearly as severe.

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    I don’t see pregnant women wear high heel during pregnancy much. That is good thing to do because it cause backpain.

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    Very good information. Thanks for letting me know about this to help me in my back pain problems.

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