How to Give up Smoking during Pregnancy?

You are desperate smoker, though you know that it is very harmful for your health. But now you know you are pregnant. Now the desire to quit smoking has increased a lot, but you still don’t know how to do it.


Birth Defects Control

Of course, it is best to quit smoking before conception. But if you have found out about the pregnancy and you are still smoking, think about giving up as a way of controlling birth defects that occur because of the nicotine, especially in the first weeks of the baby’s development. Convince yourself that the danger is real. Be aware that the statistics based on scientific evidence confirms a high risk of complications during pregnancy, as well as deviations in mental and physical development of the baby. If you don’t give up smoking, only you will be responsible for the baby’s health problems.

Give up Smoking Fast

As soon as you know you are pregnant, immediately extinguish the cigarette. This moment is the most suitable for giving up the bad habit. Quite a number of women have got rid of the addiction that way – they abruptly quit after learning of their pregnancy. This may be the most appropriate solution, but not everyone can make such a drastic step.

Set the Goal

If you are one of those who cannot quit smoking abruptly, try to apply the method of setting goals. Set a goal to get rid of the destructive habits gradually, in two weeks. Find a way to reward yourself, for example, calculate how much money you will save per year if you quit smoking, and then think about what you can buy for a child with that money.

Make Smoking Uncomfortable

If you find it difficult to quit, even being aware of the damage that you cause the future baby’s health, try to make smoking inconvenient. Buy only one pack of cigarettes and keep them out of reach.

Smoking Substitution

The more difficult it will be for you to get to the cigarettes, the sooner you will give up smoking. In addition, you can try to substitute smoking by a safer hobby. For example, when you want to take a cigarette, take a string of beads instead or twist a stressball in your hands.

Try all possible options and, most importantly, remember that smoking is bad for you and your baby.

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