How to Maintain a Healthy Pregnancy

Happy Pregnant WomanGetting pregnant is a moment to be cherished and every woman dreams about bearing a baby. During pregnancy the expecting mother should take proper care of her health as well as her baby’s health, otherwise pregnancy complications may occur. You need to understand that if pregnancy complications develop during anytime of your entire pregnancy period, this can break your dreams completely, as it may be risky for your baby. Pregnancy complications can also take place after the baby is born.

What Causes Pregnancy Complications

There are various reasons which bring about pregnancy complication. Some of them are as follows:

  1. chronic disease, such as hypertension and diabetes,
  2. STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), such as Chlamydia and syphilis,
  3. abnormalities of sperm or ovum, placenta, amniotic acid and infections caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites.

The following are some pregnancy complications that can cause serious problems for the mother and her developing baby.

Gestational diabetes

This is one of the most common pregnancy complications. If gestational diabetes is left untreated it can cause fetal death and thyroid problems. Gestational diabetes usually gets developed during the second trimester can be treated with insulin supplements to take care of the blood glucose levels.

Amniotic fluid complications

This complication occurs due to the increased polyhydramnios or decreased oligohydramnios amniotic fluid levels of the membranes around the fetus. If the amniotic fluid is in excessive quantity, it develops pressure on the uterus causing preterm delivery. Your diaphragm also comes under the pressure put up by the amniotic fluid causing problems for breathing. Oligohydramnios is responsible for deprived fetal growth, post-term delivery, defects in the child after birth.

Placental complications

These are the pregnancy complications related to the placenta. If the placenta gets detached prematurely, it is called as placental abruption. This disconnection can be complete or partial. The location of the placenta in the lower area of the uterus causes the problem of placenta previa. The symptom of placenta previa is heavy bleeding in the second or the third trimester.

Proper Diet during Pregnancy

To take proper care of you and your baby, you need to maintain a proper nutritious diet along with your regular meetings with your concerned gynecologist. Avoiding junk food will help you not gain excess pregnancy weight and keep your baby healthy.

See Your Doctor

Once you start noticing the symptoms of pregnancy you should consult the doctor for medications and diet tips to keep your baby healthy. If we neglect certain problems arising during pregnancy, they can be fatal for the baby growing inside your womb. It can lead to fetal death and miscarriages.

Check Your Health before Getting Pregnant

Pregnancy complications do take place with some women due to several reasons like inborn diseases, excessive bleeding due to placental shifts, infections in the vaginal tracts and infections caused to wrong foods and viruses. It’s always recommended to plan your pregnancy and start preparing your body for it at least 3 months before you plan to conceive. You may inform yourself about how to prevent pregnancy complications in the article “How to Maintain Good Health before Pregnancy”.

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