How to Prevent and Treat Anemia?

Anemia is a body condition, which is characterized by a reduced amount of hemoglobin and red blood cells (RBCs) in the blood. Alas, nobody is immune to the disease, neither the old nor the young. Anemia affects babies as well as aged people. We offer a closer look at the symptoms of this condition to learn how to avoid it.


What is dangerous about anemia?

The most important signs of iron-deficiency anemia are weakness and chronic fatigue. Of course, you can explain such condition with a frantic rhythm of life. However, if it does not pass in calm periods, you should seek medical advice immediately and undergo tests that determine the level of hemoglobin.

Among other signs of anemia are changing tastes (including strange urges to try the earth or chalk), increased heart rate, headaches, pale skin and mucous membranes, lethargy. If you let the disease further affect your body without taking action, it can lead to heart problems – for example, heart failure.

The “anemic” risk group includes everyone whose diet is not balanced or who has problems with the iron absorption, as well as those people whose body requires an increased amount of iron (pregnant women, children, athletes).

How to treat anemia?

If tests have confirmed reduced levels of iron in your blood and you do not want to take pills, consider these simple but effective anemia treatment tips.

1. Reconsider your diet

Once a day, be sure to arrange a meal consisting of liver or red meat, preferably boiled veal, lamb, beef. Among other obligatory guests on your table are apples, walnuts, pomegranate juice, buckwheat, berries. At the same time, reduce or give up the use of canned food, mayonnaise, pastries, tea, and coffee.

2. Avoid the combination of iron and calcium

Calcium reduces the absorption of iron. This should be made clear to anyone who is a fan of dairy products or takes calcium in pills. However, it can be enough to prevent their simultaneous intake. Do not fall on calcium-containing products 2 hours before eating meat, then the problem will be minimized.

3. Pay attention to folk recipes

Folk wisdom gathered for centuries can generously share some recipes against anemia with you. For example, an infusion from wild strawberry leaves, rosehip drink, a mixture of pomegranate, apple and carrot juice, dried raspberry fruit infusion. You can pick up any recipes you like that are quick to prepare and contain the ingredients available at your local pharmacy or the refrigerator.

Of course, the concept of health is in no way compatible with improper lifestyle and bad habits, so please reconsider your daily routine to help the blood recover. Spend more time outdoors, do simple exercise, go to sleep in time and do not linger in front of the monitor for long.

Perhaps your particular case requires taking iron-containing drugs, so do not neglect your doctor’s advice. Taking pills often helps to restore health quickly. Nevertheless, you already have the information how to prevent a recurrence of anemia in the future. Therefore, poor health, abnormal fatigue and lethargy will remain in the past.

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