The importance of sleep for new dads

New dads always joke about how little sleep they will get when their baby is born. When they say this, they are smiling and laughing on the outside but petrified of the sleep depravation that is to come on the inside! Parents will notice a huge change in their sleeping patterns during the first few months after their child is born. They will notice how they feel more tired each day and crave a good night’s sleep.


One of the best ways to ensure that parents get a solid few hours of sleep before they are back on duty is to get their baby into a regular sleeping routine. So you should focus on helping your baby get a good night’s sleep, and then your own priceless sleep time will follow. The first rule to follow, and one which nearly every dad does, is to never wake your baby up when they are sleeping. We’ve all seen the cute pictures of dads sleeping on the sofa looking dead to the world with their baby sprawled over them. It feels like heaven when the little one decides to sleep, so just go with the flow and close your eyes as well.

With all the sleep depravation being endured by new dads all across the globe, we thought it best to write down some great tips to help them get some all-important shuteye!

Close your eyes whenever you can

As many new dads will testify, sleep is a gift when you have a baby, so never miss out on an opportunity to take a nap. If your baby decides they want to nap, then you should too. You have to be very cunning and opportunistic when catching up on sleep, so take the chance whenever you can.

Don’t overload on caffeine

This is a difficult one to follow. One of the few things that will keep new dads on the move caring for the baby, doing household chores and working is endless pots of coffee! However, if you try to overcompensate for your sleep depravation through coffee or red bull, then you will be worse off. These drinks will almost certainly mess with your sleep patterns. Try to stay hydrated and drink lots of fruit juices instead.

Take turns

If your newborn tends to wake up every night, then a good idea is to take turns over who should get out of bed to take care of the baby. This means that at least one of you will be getting some more rest and will feel more alive, though only marginally, in the morning.

Close the curtains

Sounds simple, right? New dads never fail to amaze everyone by how quickly they want to close their eyes. They often will lie down or even put their baby to bed without thinking about the curtains. The result is that the sun comes through in the morning and will wake either you or your baby up ahead of time, and this is something you definitely don’t want! A great solution is to install shutters that will save the sanity of any forgetful, sleep-deprived, new dad. Plantation shutters are absolutely fantastic for this situation and will make the home look great as well!

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