Iron Supplements Taken during Pregnancy Increase Baby’s Weight

Iron supplements in the diet of pregnant women increase the baby’s body weight.


Taking iron supplements every day during pregnancy increases the baby’s body weight. It is not surprising that the World Health Organization advises all would-be mothers to take up to 60 milligrams of iron. First, it reduces the risk of anemia. Besides, recent studies have shown that iron helps the child to gain weight.

The scientists have conducted more than 90 studies, which included the information about the health of about 2 million pregnant women. It was found that iron supplements did not save future mothers from preterm birth, but the experts have established that anemia in the first and third trimester of pregnancy can cause low birth weight. If one increases the dosage of iron by 10 mg per day, then the probability of anemia during pregnancy will be reduced by 12%. The future baby weight increases by 15 grams, which means that the risk of low birth weight is reduced by 3%. Doctors say that the duration of taking this dose of iron does not affect other parameters.

Scientists argue that taking iron supplements during pregnancy is an effective way of preventing anemia and low birth weight. Meanwhile, anemia is found not only in pregnant women – some people are fighting the disease for the whole life. The story of our heroine is about it.

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