Kate Middleton’s Morning Sickness Remedy

No sooner had the news about Duchess Catherine’s pregnancy appeared than she was taken to hospital with severe toxicosis. In the end, the wife of Prince William found the way to overcome morning sickness.

Pregnant Woman Feelind Sick in the Morning

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, fights her morning sickness with the help of cookies with lavender flowers.

Her husband’s stepmother, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, advised Catherine to try the flavored cookies with violet flowers. Camilla herself is very fond of this delicacy. Charles and Camilla sent a box of lavender cookies to the Duchess.

Catherine liked the cookies very much. Moreover, they helped her get rid of the symptoms of morning sickness, so now all the members of the royal family are sending boxes with lavender cookies to pregnant Kate.

By the way, lavender is not the only way to protect you from toxicity and morning sickness. If the Duchess’ treatment is of no help, you can use other people’s medicines, such as herbal tea (chamomile, mint, lemon), ginger tea, and fennel.

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