Kids Born via Caesarean Section Get Obese More Often

At the age of 3, the risk of developing obesity for children born via Caesarean doubles.


Doctors from a hospital in Boston (Massachusetts) have found a link between the way of the child’s birth and its body weight up to three years. The researchers believe that birth via caesarean section may affect the composition of intestinal flora, and this in turn affects the way food is digested.

The study involved 1255 mothers and children in the period from 1999 to 2002. The babies born in the traditional way and by caesarean section (ratio 4 to 1), were weighed immediately after birth and periodically during three years. As a result of this small study, there was revealed an association between babies’ birth weight, their skin thickness and the way of birth. In addition, doctors also found out that mothers of ‘Caesarean babies’ weighed more than those mothers who gave birth in the traditional way.

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