Kids Playing Outside Have Better Eye Vision

Children who regularly play in the fresh air are less likely to suffer from myopia, as concluded by Dr. Cathy Williams of the University of Bristol. According to her, sunlight most positively affects the eyes, The Daily Mail writes.


Moreover, such factors as the child’s physical activity, hereditary diseases, or time spent reading books do not matter. This was proved by the results of testing 7,000 children. They were examined for myopia at the age of 7, 10, 11, 12 and 15. In addition, the children’s physical activity was tracked during the week.

For example, children who regularly played outside at the age of 8 or 9 were 50% less likely to suffer from myopia at 15. However, the level of physical activity at age of 11 did not influence the children’s vision. Now, experts want to find out how much time you need to stay outside in order to protect your eyes, how the defense mechanism works and at what age it works at full capacity.

Doctors state: the number of children and adults with myopia is growing. By the way, earlier it had been stated that active children who spend a lot of time outdoors are less likely to wear glasses. But then it was not clear whether it was just staying outside or physical activity that produced such a positive effect.

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