Mamas and Papas Are Less Prone to Getting Viruses

It may seem that the parents of the children who fall ill more often are at greater risk of catching cold. But, in fact, mothers and fathers are less vulnerable to viruses than those who have no children.

Parents and Daughter

The research done by scientists from Carnegie Mellon University showed that parents’ risk of catching a cold is by 52% less than with those who do not have an offspring yet. Moreover, the protective properties of the fathers’ and mothers’ bodies are improved in proportion to the number of children. So, parents of one or two children are 48% less susceptible to viruses, and parents of 3 or more children – already 61%.

An interesting fact: scientists believe that this is not because of the parents’ immune systems or due to constant virus attacks. It is due to the so-called “moral resistance” caused by the psychological benefits of motherhood and fatherhood. In other words, family and social ties strengthen not only mental but also physical health, which has already been proved by the research with long-lived. Scientists have shown that not only those who keep a healthy diet and regularly exercise, but also those who are socially active and keep close contact with their family, live longer.

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