Musical Therapy during Pregnancy

Listening to songs is good for the baby during pregnancy. The fact that the children are able to remember the sounds of the outer world, being in the womb was written about in The Telegraph.


Why can’t people live without music? Human fetus forms a recollection of the sounds that come from the outside world. And the baby continues to recognize them even four months after the birth.

It has been proved that singing is the guarantee of health. Music therapy, used by the mother, lays the foundation for language development in a child. It was discovered by the experts of the University of Helsinki. The scientists were able to assemble a team of twenty-four volunteers – the women during the last trimester of pregnancy. Half of the participants attended music sessions with the performance of popular lullabies five days a week.

Immediately after birth and four months later, the brain scans of the infants, who had been listening to songs in the womb, were examined. These kids are more responsive to melodies, compared with other children, who have not heard music in the womb. It turns out that kids are capable of learning at the stage of fetal development, and this effect lasts for a long time. In the future, scientists will have to figure out how loud sounds and noises the mother faces during pregnancy influence the formation of the fetus.

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