Natural Solutions to Treating Those Digestive Issues During Pregnancy

As excited as you are to be expecting a child in the next few months, it doesn’t negate how your body might be reacting to this change. With the various changes in hormones during pregnancy, women can expect to deal with an array of uncomfortable conditions – particularly as it relates to digestive health. Everything from dealing with constipation and hemorrhoids to heartburn and indigestion can be experienced during pregnancy. The only problem is…you’re not allowed to take medications that might help to alleviate the discomfort or pain right away.


The good news is that many of the digestive issues encountered during pregnancy can be treated naturally. Before trying any remedy, you should always be sure that it is safe for your baby by checking with your doctor, midwife, or ob-gyn before starting.

Constipation and Hemorrhoids

One of the most common complaints (next to morning sickness) during pregnancy is the onset of constipation. Prolonged periods of constipation can also lead to another common complaint known as hemorrhoids. You’ll be pleased to know that your constipation is the direct result of your pregnancy hormones. As the progesterone increases in the body it can begin to cause issues with your intestines. Not to mention the fact that you’re growing baby has caused your intestines to be displaced to make room for baby. The good news however is that treating constipation and/or hemorrhoids is rather simplistic and doesn’t require any medication.

Natural Solutions:

Treating constipation during pregnancy is the same as treating it when you’re not pregnant. By adding more fiber to your diet you can ultimately help improve irregularity during pregnancy. Eating things like fruits, leafy green vegetables, beans, and nuts can do the trick. As for treating hemorrhoids, you can search the market for all natural hemorrhoids treatment products, which usually include soothing oils to provide instant relief and comfort. If constipation persists or hemorrhoids should become more painful in nature, you’ll need to reach out to your doctor for further treatment.

Indigestion and Heartburn

There’s no denying how increased levels of progesterone can really do some damage to your digestive system making it a bit uncomfortable to do things that you do on the regular basis (eat, use the restroom). This necessary pregnancy hormone can also be the main cause behind your heartburn and indigestion. Since heightened levels of progesterone cause your muscles and blood vessels to relax it can cause issues in the lower esophagus. This part of the body is what helps to keep the food and acid down.

Natural Solutions:

Finding relief for your heartburn and indigestion can be rather simplistic in nature as well. The first thing you want to do is try to minimize the amount of foods you’re eating that could be irritating the problem further. This might include minimizing your intake of tomatoes, spicy foods, greasy foods, coffee, and sometimes chocolate. Keeping a food diary can help you pinpoint which foods cause indigestion or heartburn. Lastly, to help with digestion eat smaller portions and take your time eating so that it has a chance to properly digest.
As beautiful as pregnancy might be, there is always the chance that you could experience some unpleasant complications along the way. While you can’t take medication in most instances to relieve the issues you might be having, there is usually always a natural means you can use to rectify the matter. If you try any of these natural solutions but still cannot find relief, immediately schedule an appointment with your doctor to go over other options.

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