Natural Ways to Treat Hormonal Imbalance in Women

We have grown relying on our endocrine glands to furnish an ample amount of hormones for our body to function as it should. Nevertheless, hormonal imbalance is something that can be sprung upon us set off by age or by modern hectic lifestyle. Hormones can play up following pregnancy, causing weight gain, mood roller-coasters and add to postpartum depression.

In most cases, a nutritious diet in conjunction with healthy habits will ensure our hormonal health and prevent most of these and other health issues. So, the more ways to keep up hormones in female sufferers you know, the better you will be able to deal with imbalances and their aftermaths.

  • First, make sure you take enough protein on a daily basis. It will help you control your eating making you feel satiated, strengthen your skin and muscle health, and improve your metabolic processes.
  • Second, go without alcohol and caffeine which increase estrogen dominance that is the main factor behind hormonal imbalance.
  • Third, put your faith in foods like egg yolk, liver, and fiber-rich products: egg yolk provides excellent nourishment, liver will supply you with Vitamin A, and fiber will set your estrogen level aright.

Support your body with ample amount of vitamins and mineral supplements that your doctor will endorse. If you maintain your mineral balance in order, hormones will go along. Pay special attention to Vitamin D to prevent unnecessary release of the hormone parathyroid that will upset the hormonal balance.

Again, if your doctor agrees it’s advisable, go for Human Growth Hormones (HGH) to help your body restore the balance and replenish the stock of necessary hormones quickly.

See to it that you don’t eat too much or too little. Both practices can throw you off the balance and increase the insulin level (overeating) or the cortisol level (undereating), leading to gain of weight.

Green tea, one of the healthiest drinks known, may lower the insulin level and enhance insulin sensitivity. Take two or three cups daily to help handle obesity and diabetes.

Exercise on a regular basis – it will manage your insulin level thereby reducing the risk of inflammations and regulating your metabolism, besides boosting muscle-maintaining hormones.

Hormones begin to play up as the result of stress, therefore being able to hold stress in check is vital. Daily anti-stress measures like sitting quietly with soothing music on, doing yoga or meditating are sure to work towards balancing your hormones.

Undergo Chinese acupuncture which is believed to work wonders with hormonal balance. Get serious with herb, needling, and moxibustion treatment, and set your balance to normal.

Another Chinese-originated treatment involves steaming and ingesting the placenta which is then dried, ground and made into pills. It is known as placenta encapsulation. Though not a regular practice, it is employed in the postpartum period for balancing hormones.

Sleep must be consistent and sufficient. Even if you eat healthy, without quality sleep you can forfeit the benefits. Sleep influences many hormones, among others insulin, ghrelin, cortisol, leptin, and growth hormone whose levels can get reduced significantly resulting in craving for food to restore the contents. You should have not less than seven hours of sound sleep.

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