Pet Fodder Dangerous to Children’s Health

It turns out that ordinary foods and fodders for pets which live in the same house with their owner may conceal no petty danger, especially for little children.


The experts from Westchester Hospital in the USA have found out that fodders for dogs, cats, and other pets may contain dangerous bacteria of salmonella which cause salmonellosis. Having studied the outbreaks of the disease, the scientists learned that the majority of those who got ill were two years old or even younger kids.

According to the organizers of this research, pet fodder was the source of harmful microbes in the majority of cases, and these pathogenic microbes reproduced very quickly in it. With the pets infected, children could easily get the microbes while playing with them.

As the source of the infection in pet fodder had been established, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued a decree aimed at closing one of the enterprises producing pet fodder in Pennsylvania.

Nevertheless, after the exposure of pet fodder as a source of salmonellosis pathogens, the researchers give simple advice on how to prevent this disease – you should always wash your hands carefully after playing with pets, cleaning their places, and washing the pets’ dishes.

Source of the image: Photl.

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