Post-Baby Body Photos

Ashlee Wells Jackson has created an interesting photo project. She decided to show how women really look after labor and breastfeeding. Its purpose is to support women who do not fit into the glossy beauty standards after giving birth.


Photographer Ashlee Wells Jackson is a mother herself and knows that motherhood is not only the appearance of a wonderful kid, but it also brings body changes, sometimes drastic and irreversible. Ashley believes that we should not be afraid of these changes, and the society on the contrary, is obliged to accept and respect them.

The woman named her project 4th Trimester Bodies. She originally planned to ​​make honest photos of 100 women and tell their stories in her book. However, the idea was so appealing that 1,500 women from around the world joined Ashlee’s project. There has been more work, and now the book will consist of three volumes, the first part of which will be released in late 2014 and early 2015. The entire trilogy will be published by the end of 2015.

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