Pregnancy Exercises

Pregnancy has never been a period to give up on your sportive habits (unless, of course, your doctor has explicitly warned you against physical strain or you are bed-ridden). On the contrary, it’s an excellent reason to stay fit and feel lively. Doing exercises will make you feel more energetic due to better blood circulation. Taking care of your body will make your delivery shorter and less strenuous and take you a long way towards a rapid recovery after the childbirth.


Exercises a Pregnant Woman Shouldn’t Do

The question is settled, then, but the choice of the training system is yet to be made. Before taking a closer look at various possibilities, you’d do well to brush aside the ones that will not do. Any program that you have never attempted before and which appears to involve a good deal of exertion should better be avoided. Running and suchlike activities of a jolting nature must be firmly excluded. Even if you are a well-trained runner, first take medical advice about it.

Among suitable workouts that may be safely recommended during pregnancy we find the following activities.


While not being a big deal from the sport viewpoint, it is still the best thing for pregnant women. It is perfectly safe from the beginning to end and it does set your heart to a livelier rhythm, making the blood circulate faster.


Jogging is fine as long as you have some experience in it. You should be careful not to overtire yourself and cut down on the strain gradually as your pregnancy keeps on its course. If you find it hard to sustain a conversation as you are jogging along, take it as a sign that you are overstraining yourself.


Swimming ranks among the best and safest pregnancy exercises. It bolsters up your cardiovascular system. It helps you forget – if only temporarily – about your newly-acquired weight. It leaves you with a nice feeling of lightness in your body and a brighter mood.

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga will look after your muscles, joints and ligaments providing a good stretch without unduly swift movements. You can get enlisted in a pre-natal yoga class which would make it just perfect.


Weight training is not off the list as long as you scratch off the exercises that require the pregnant woman lying on the back and don’t overdo it generally. You can get on with building your muscles and enjoying the familiar sensations.

In any case it would be advisable for you to take the doctor’s advice before embarking on any kind of physical activity. There are not supposed to be any objections to that especially if you have always been sport-minded.

Warming up

The rule to start off easy is applicable and once you have started you’d better put it on a regular basis. The general recommendation gives half an hour of workout every day (or every other day if you feel too tired). Please remember to begin and finish off with warming exercises thus giving your heart opportunity to tune up first and rate down gradually afterwards. Besides, warming up lessens the possibility of injuries. Keep tabs on your heart rate and when it escalates over 140 go easier and get ready to wind up. As soon as you begin to experience dizzy sensations and feel lightheaded stop immediately.

Drink Enough Water

And one final hint: don’t let your hydration level go too low. Over-heating may be detrimental to yours and your baby’s health.

This advice will improve your mind as well as body, help you maintain your health and enjoy yourself.

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