Pregnancy Fitness Tips

Movement is life. And for those who will soon give a new life it is twice as necessary! Today we are talking about sports during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Fitness

Why Staying Physically Active During Pregnancy?

There are several good reasons for doing physical exercise during pregnancy, including:

The increase of the self-esteem, the decrease of depression and anxiety;

Helping the expectant mother to maintain optimal weight;

Reducing discomfort associated with pregnancy;

The increase of the chances for natural childbirth, not the Cesarean;

Reducing the recovery time after birth;

The acceleration of postnatal weight loss;

The increase of energy;

The improvement of sleep quality.

Where do we start?

Expecting Mothers Need Professional Help

The mothers, who experienced premature or complicated deliveries in previous pregnancies, are not recommended to take arbitrary exercise. Fitness programs should be adapted to the women’s specific characteristics. What is the conclusion? Pregnant women should not try any exercise without consulting their doctor first. Only a full analysis of your medical history can help the doctor to recommend exercises useful for you and your future child

Choosing the Best Exercises for Pregnant Women

The main thing is that these exercises should exclude the risk of injury. Swimming and cycling will fit best. Yoga classes are also suitable. Such exercises can be continued throughout the pregnancy.

Safety Rules

Your doctor will provide you with more information about safety, considering all the peculiarities of your pregnancy. When you take up exercise, it is important to start at a slow pace and gradually increase it, especially if you were not regularly involved in sports before. Listen to your body. If you feel discomfort, short breath, or fatigue, you should reduce the intensity of your workout.

Remember that exercise can lead to overheating, which can harm the future baby. It is important to take frequent breaks during exercise and limit physical activity during pregnancy. Strenuous exercise should be alternated with low-intensity exercise and recreation. And do not forget to drink water before and after the workouts – it helps to avoid overheating.

Pregnancy Training Tips

Be engaged in physical activity regularly, at least three times a week – preferably at the same time.

Energetic exercise should not be done if you feel unwell in hot weather.

Due to the weakening of connective tissue, pregnant women should avoid excessive stress, particularly in stretching exercises.

Energetic exercise must be preceded by a five-minute warm-up, for example, a slow walk.

Serious exercise should be followed by a period of gradual activity decrease, which includes a little stretching.

Heart rate should be measured during periods of peak activity, it should not exceed 150 beats per minute.

Avoid upside down positions (headstand, flip-flops, etc.), because it can cause severe dizziness.

Women, who led a sedentary lifestyle before pregnancy, should treat exercise with great caution, increasing the activity very gradually.

The activity must be stopped and your doctor warned if you notice unusual symptoms.

May you feel good and have an active pregnancy!

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