Pregnancy Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Most pregnant women complain of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis occurring usually at night. suggests considering why hyperhidrosis develops and finding methods to treat this unpleasant phenomenon.


What Causes Hyperhidrosis during Pregnancy?

Sweating during pregnancy is quite common. However, it occurs neither in response to any increase in temperature nor after eating certain food. Pregnancy sweating is typically provoked by the changes in the hormonal background, and this phenomenon cannot be avoided.

Pregnancy & Excessive Sweating

Most pregnant women suffer from hyperhidrosis at night. Blood is often delivered to the skin, and hormonal changes provoke increased sweating.

Excessive Sweating during Different Pregnancy Trimesters

During the first trimester, an increase in the secretion of the sebaceous glands and sweat glands is observed due to natural variations in the endocrine model. As a result, the skin changes, becomes drier, and peels off. Sensitive skin gets too oily. The second trimester is distinguished by the stabilization of sweating, while the skin becomes normal again.

Complete cessation of hyperhidrosis cannot be expected, as the body continues to increase the blood volume by about 40%. This blood flows to the skin and causes sweating.

Should Pregnancy Hyperhidrosis Be Treated?

Moreover, the growing demand of the body in water increases the amount of natural secretions. It is worth remembering that sweating during pregnancy is not dangerous and should not be treated. One should only use simple additional hygiene procedures.

Home Remedies for Pregnancy Hyperhidrosis

Doctors advise to take a shower. This will protect the fetus and will also help to more effectively and efficiently clean the pores, because skin breathing is of great importance for a pregnant woman.

A sponge soaked in the broth of herbs with a drying effect can also be helpful. These herbs include oak and willow bark, horsetail, and hazel. Boil one of the components in water using one tablespoonful of herbs and 300 grams of liquid.

To avoid skin irritation, use only hypoallergenic deodorants, creams and balms.

We recommend dealing with natural excessive sweating during pregnancy only by means of hygiene, avoiding the use of drugs. Take care of your health and the health of the expected baby!

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