Pregnancy Rejuvenates the Woman

Israeli scientists have concluded that pregnancy literally rejuvenates the woman. This is due to the fact that the expectant mother shares blood with her baby.


Pregnant women really look fresh and rejuvenated because expecting the birth of a baby has a huge positive effect on women’s health. Researchers from the Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem have found that women may feel younger during pregnancy because at this point tissue regeneration takes place in their body and the aging process slows down. This, in turn, is carried out through the exchange of blood between mother and child.

According to medical experts, rejuvenation is not a cosmetic side effect of pregnancy; instead, it is a real physiological process. The researchers have studied the effect of liver transplantation in pregnant and non-pregnant mice with high-tech MRI scanner. It was found that 82% of young non-pregnant rodents regenerated liver after two days or longer. In older, non-pregnant mice, the number of regenerations was only 46%. However, in older pregnant mice liver regeneration reached 96% in a matter of two days, which is significantly better than that of non-pregnant young and aged rodents.

It was also found that pregnancy protects rodents against tissue damage in the heart, which is also an inevitable part of the process of human aging. According to the researchers, pregnancy is a unique state of the human body because at this point there is a connection of the two biological systems – those of mother and baby. Pregnancy produces an effect of anti-aging serum that causes specific processes in the mother’s aging body.

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