Pregnancy Ultrasound Rate Exceeded Unnecessarily

As a rule ultrasounds for expecting mothers – if there are no complications – are confined to two, one ultrasound test for the first and one for the second trimester, to ensure that there is no risk. More is usually regarded as unnecessary and even harmful, for the test requires withdrawing fluid from the sac around the fetus. While it is a sure method allowing to detect possible birth defects and genetic abnormalities, Obstetricians and Gynecologists point out that ultrasound rays may adversely influence the natural development even causing miscarriages in direst cases.


A study conducted in Canada by Dr. John You and his colleagues, however, showed that this limit is exceeded unreasonably. Having studied 1.4 million cases of pregnancies from 1996 to 2007, the scientists found that more than one third of the women underwent more than two ultrasound tests, and 20 percent more than four tests. It should be noted that in most cases no complications were registered.

From the social point of view it means unnecessary expenditure. Ontario, for example, put up a sum of $30 million to cover the expenses of unnecessary and potentially harmful ultrasound tests during the last decade.

Dr. You marked the decrease of babies‘ fatality during the period of increased ultrasound rate.

Ontario Health Insurance already recorded a significant increase in test rates, as much as 55 percent, the study informs.

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