The Pregnant Guide to Boosting Your Spirits

Everyone knows that pregnancy isn’t easy – but it’s only when you’ve got a bun in the oven that you realise the extent of the slog.

Pregnant Woman Suffering from Candidiasis

There’s the interminable weight gain, the curious cravings, emotions more volatile than a rabid pit bull and back strain that’ll lead to nine months of pain and irritancy.
Birth is indeed a miracle – but it’s also a pain in the neck.
What’s more, it’s a killer for your self-confidence. Increases in weight and a feeling of sluggishness can lead to low mood, lower self-esteem and, in extreme cases, major episodes of depression.
With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few ways to give you a simple lift when you’re feeling those pregnancy blues. Give them a try!

Discipline your double chin

Worrying about weight gain is a bit silly when you’re nurturing a critter in your womb. It’s like trying to stop the changing of the tides.
But giving your appearance a little thought can boost your mental health, too.
Start by finding out how to get rid of double chin. There are creams on the market that will tighten up your accidental Bruce Forsyth impression by smoothing out the skin and making that double chin go bye-bye.
As for the rest of your face, apply moisturiser every day and stick as closely as possible to your usual beauty regime. Staying within the boundaries of your normal routine will make the initial stages of pregnancy a cinch.

Pamper away

Treating yourself is always an ace way to spend your day. But if you want to make your pregnancy that little bit easier, increase the frequency of those pampering days.
While you might love nothing more than sky diving or rock climbing, they’re not the ideal way to relax when you’re with child.
Instead, hit up a few relaxation havens. Go for a massage, get your nails painted or even indulge in some light exercise – you’ll feel rejuvenated the moment you try these relaxation hotspots.

Know good health

Those hormonal changes can lead to some pretty odd cravings. But whether you have a penchant for banana and olive oil, chips and porridge or melted ice cream on toast, be sure to eat as healthily as you can.
Indeed, that old cliché about eating for two is as true as it ever was.
Consume as many superfoods as you can, and eat larger portions to feed the little ‘un growing inside you.
Maintaining a healthy diet can be difficult at the best of times, but now is more important than ever. But don’t hold back on your cravings – your body’s calling out for them for a reason.

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