Pregnant Woman’s Daily Routine

You are going to become a mother in the next nine months. We can say now that you no longer belong to yourself, and you have to take care of your health for the sake of your future and for the sake of your baby. Read our article to find out which way of life pregnant women need.

Pregnant Tummy

It is simple, useful and even enjoyable. In return, you will have excellent health, reduced load and stress.

The Daily Routine in the Pregnancy Period

You should start with the basics, which are known from school. You need a carefully considered daily routine. The body is able to adjust to it, get used to it, and thus facilitate its existence. It is fundamentally important not to violate the usual course of the day not to provoke unwanted failures in the systems and organs. If failures happen depressingly often, this leads to destabilization of the body and sometimes even to a disease. Your pregnant body is rapidly changing now, and all the systems are being rebuilt and adapted to the needs of the future baby. So it is not necessary to overload the body too much.

Sleeping during Pregnancy

Your sleeping should last about eight hours now. Try to go to bed and get up at about the same time each day. Do not stay up late, and do not sleep till noon.

Pregnancy Nutrition & Diet

You need to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at one and the same time. It is necessary for normal functioning of the stomach and intestinal tract. As you know, the work of the intestines and stomach is exposed to unconditional and conditional reflexes. When you sit down to the dining table at certain times, your body is ready to receive food and develops the desired portion of digestive juices. As soon as the food enters the stomach, the digestive process takes place faster, with less energy and less strain. Your intestine, gall bladder, liver and pancreas all work according to this kind of a biological clock.

If the time for a meal has come, and the stomach has produced the digestive juice, but the portion of food has not been received yet, you will suffer from the discomfort caused by hunger. This is because the hydrochloric acid from the stomach juice irritates the mucous membrane of the stomach. With time, this can lead to gastritis. These are the unfortunate consequences of the breakfast you have not eaten.

During pregnancy, you need to eat four to five times a day. If you suffer from nausea or vomiting, and you have no appetite, the amount of food should be divided into smaller portions and six meals.

Have dinner three hours before bedtime. If you overeat and go to bed immediately, the digestive tract will have to work at night, while other body organs are having rest. The process of fermentation can begin in undigested food, which forms gases and causes bloating.

Work & Fun

Pregnant women must be ready to work and study during the first seven or even nine months of pregnancy. You will have to think about your daily routine to make it more reasonable and to take into account the peculiarities of your professional work and your doctor’s advice. Try to reconcile physical work and rest, hours of waking and sleeping, eating and walking.

Important during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is important to:

  • plan the amount of physical exercise you can cope with for the morning;
  • avoid physical labor immediately after the meal;
  • provide sufficient duration of sleep at night;
  • do the intense intellectual work long before sleep;
  • have more outdoor activities.

Eliminate the risk of nicotine, alcohol, weight lifting, and working with harmful chemicals. The future baby will be grateful for it.

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