Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Sleep on their Back

Pregnant women, who prefer sleeping on their back, run the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth. This was stated by the experts from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney.

Woman Sleeping

In the course of the study, the experts observed 295 pregnant women from eight hospitals across Australia (the gestation period was more than 32 weeks). As a result, they found that the habit of sleeping on one’s back increases the likelihood of stillbirth by six times (it was impossible to identify the reasons in 50% of cases)

According to the head of the research, Adrienne Gordon, the previous data also suggested that the long-term stay in this position restricted blood flow to the fetus. Sleeping on the right side reduces the flow of blood through the main vein that runs from the legs to the heart. The experts have found that three-quarters of pregnant women sleep mostly on their left side. They believe that women instinctively choose the sleeping position most comfortable for the baby.

According to Australian doctors, in 10% of stillbirth cases they observed abnormalities of the fetus or problems with the mother’s health, including complications associated with the placenta (it connects the blood supply of the child and the mother).

The scientists have debunked the myth that the decrease in the mobility of the child in the later stages of pregnancy is normal. According to A. Gordon, they found an association between the reduced mobility and the increased risk of fetal death: the more and faster the baby pushes, the more chances it has to be born alive and healthy.

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