How to Prevent Miscarriage

British experts from Warwick Medical School have found out what processes in the human body lead to miscarriage. Based on their observations, the research team led by Professor Jan Brosens offered a simple and inexpensive method of saving the embryo under threat.


It has long been known that miscarriages are caused by NK-cells of the immune system, which are also called killer cells. But British scientists were the first to reveal the mechanism of this destructive process, so they offered effective measures for miscarriage prevention.

Elevated levels of NK-cells in the uterine endometrial tissue lead to lack of cortisol. The stress hormone deficiency stimulates the appearance of even more “natural killers”. As a result, the key biochemical processes that ensure the normal course of pregnancy are disrupted.

Jan Brosens and his colleagues claimed that preventing miscarriage is very simple – women regularly need to be tested for the level of NK-cells in the endometrium tissues. If it proves to be higher than normal, the pregnant woman should drink a course of corticosteroid hormones that suppress the immune system to eliminate cortisol deficiency.

The British researchers’ paper is published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

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