Preventing Varicose Veins during Pregnancy

LegsBy the end of pregnancy, the pressure on the legs increases by 25-40 pounds and their veins pump 1.5 liters more blood than before. This is why you feel them as if filled with lead and it’s like torture to stand upright for just a short period of time. The following tips will help you prevent varicose veins during pregnancy.

You should take care of your legs during the pregnancy as follows:

As you sit down or lie, try to keep your legs elevated.

  • Wear non-slippery, comfy and breathable footwear made of leather or fabric.
  • After taking bath or shower, massage your legs, preferably with a brush or a special massaging glove, moving up and down and using any legs cream or a gel containing extracts of chamomile, mint or menthol which could ease weariness and cool down “burning” feet.

Pregnant women, prone to varicose veins, should take extra care of their legs.

  • Don’t stand on your feet for long. As you sit, try to keep your legs in line with your hips, or place them on a pillow as you lie down.
  • Watch your weight. With proneness to varicose veins, try to avoid gaining extra weight.
  • Wear special tights. Try to pull the tights on or off before you get up from bed. At the same time, stay away from squeezing clothes like suspenders, waist belts, stockings, tight socks and stiff shoes.

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  1. MJB

    This interesting about the legs. My problem extends to the hands arms and everywhere. Something about ironing clothes and then getting my hands wet causes my hands to get dark lines from the veins.

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