Rise in Autism Numbers Among American Children

American government has become concerned over revised statistic about the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders. According to the new data, one in 91 children suffers from autism. In response, experts urge efforts to provide autists with lifelong support. Some experts believe the rise in autism numbers stems from the improvement in diagnostics and better awareness about this mental disorder.


Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is a group of disorders related to the nervous system development. The group includes autism, Asperger’s syndrome and pervasive developmental disorder. These mental health issues differ in severity. Major symptoms are poor social interaction, socializing problems and pathologic repetitive behaviors. It is estimated that a total of $1.6 million is spent on an autistic person’s health care bills.

Earlier statistic said one in 150 children was diagnosed with autism. New study, however, revealed increased numbers of one in 91 children. According to the revised data, about 110 out of 10,000 American children is diagnosed with ASDs. 673,000 American children are currently suffering from this mental disorder.

The authors of study believe that some children were diagnosed with autism, but the diagnosis was changed later. In addition, the study showed boys were four times as likely to have autism as girls. White children are more likely to suffer from ASDs than children of other races.

Source of the image: sxc.hu/profile/theblooms.

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