The Rollercoaster Ride That is Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be wonderful, magical and extremely tough at the same time, from that moment you find out you are pregnant to the time when your little one is born. You will go through a lot of changes throughout the course of your pregnancy. Though each pregnancy is different, these are the things you can expect that can help you plan for some of the changes in your body that might occur.

First Trimester

The first trimester is the first three months of your pregnancy. This is when you experience the dreaded morning sickness which you have no control over. Almost all pregnant women at some point experience this.

You may also feel exhausted all the time because of hormonal changes. You should have a lot of rest when you can and do not do heavy chores around the house. By the end of the trimester, your energy will most likely come back.

The second month is the time to see your doctor or health care provider just to confirm your pregnancy. From here, your prenatal care begins. Your doctor is likely to give you calcium and iron supplements and folic acid to aid in your baby’s development.

During this time, it is also very common to experience mood swings. If you feel tired, do not hesitate to ask for help from your partner. You can also talk about how you feel so he will also understand your sudden mood changes.

Second Trimester

This is month four to six of your pregnancy. During this period, you might notice your energy coming back and you don’t experience morning sickness anymore. Your belly also becomes larger as your baby grows. You may also crave certain foods or odd food combinations.

At around month five or six of your pregnancy you may want to think, “Where can I find a diagnostic clinic that offers gender ultrasound near me?” Yes, this is the time you can find out if your baby is a boy or a girl, which is one of the most exciting parts of your pregnancy.

Third Trimester

The last three months of your pregnancy; this is when you get ready for giving birth to your baby. You can start to buy some baby stuff along the way. Your belly becomes much larger and you may experience backaches, heartburn, anxiety and shortness of breath.

Your mood swings and irritability may also increase during this period. As your baby grows inside, you may experience frequent urination. This is also the time to determine which hospital you are planning to give birth at and pack the things you and your baby may need when the time comes.

You may also list down the things you want when you give birth. Do not forget to bring the needed documents such as your doctor’s order.

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