Safety Advice for Using Medication While Pregnant

Expectant mothers can attest to the fact that when you’re pregnant, some of the craziest ailments take place. Fevers, headaches, nausea, achy muscles and joints, and a weakened immune system are all prevalent during pregnancy and sometimes, all you want is some form of relief. Whether you have pre-existing conditions or you’re suffering from some pain or illness, it is important to be safe while using medicine with a baby growing inside of you. Here are a few tips on how to play it safe.

Always Consult with Your Doctor First

Whether you’re trying to take a baby aspirin for a headache or you need to take medicine for diabetes before you take any medication it is imperative to consult with your doctor first. Make sure that what you’re taking won’t have an adverse effect on you or the baby. Though you might get caught up in searching the web for pros and cons of taking a certain medication while pregnant, your doctor knows your medical history and the impact it could have on the health of your pregnancy.

Know What You’re Taking

No matter how much your head is pounding or how achy your ankles feel, it is never a good idea to pop a pill without knowing exactly what you’re taking. Whether your friend passes you a pill and says they took it while they were pregnant or you found a pill in your purse that you believe is a pain pill, it is important to know what you’re about to take. Using a pill identifier can help with this. Identifying unfamiliar pills will allow you to get more information on what the medication is and how it can affect your pregnancy.

Know the Side Effects

There are instances in which a medication can be safe to take during pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean it’s without any side effects. You need to know essentially what you and your baby will be ingesting and whether it can have any lasting impact on your health. While you can most certainly take a multivitamin without any concern, taking an antibiotic to get over a bug can have some dangerous effects if used frequently. Talk with your doctor about side effects and even conduct some online research to make sure that you’re comfortable with it before taking the medicine.

Never Take More than Recommended or Prescribed

Before you got pregnant, taking one or two more pain pills than the recommended adult dose may not have done you any harm. However, now that you have a little one growing inside of you, it is important that you don’t take any more medication than what is prescribed or recommended on the bottle. Too much of certain drugs can increase the chances of you or your baby being harmed. If the medication is not working and you need more relief, speak with your doctor about other solutions.

Don’t Mix Medications

Not for any reason should you take new medication without first letting your doctor know. The reason… certain medications, when mixed, have an adverse effect on your health. Therefore, every time you’re prescribed a medicine by another medical expert, it is important to make them aware of your pregnancy and the medications you’re currently taking.

Consider Alternatives

Taking medicine while pregnant is really risky. Most medications have side effects with continued use, and with a weakened immune system during pregnancy, it can easily cause irreversible damage to you and your unborn child. Before you decide to take the medicine, you might consider looking at alternatives and home remedies to treat common pregnancy medical problems. Things, like sucking on peppermint to relieve an upset stomach or nausea, and using a cold compress to relieve a headache, can prevent the need for medicine altogether.

Though taking medicine can be dangerous during pregnancy, sometimes, there is no other way around it. Whether you take medications for preexisting conditions or you feel the need to take medication for an illness or injury, be sure that you do so wisely. Talk with a doctor, take only what’s prescribed, and never mix medications. These practices will minimize the chances of something happening to you or your precious bundle of joy.

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