School Popularity Provides Better Health in Future

CheerleaderA study in a recent issue of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health links the popularity of children in school with their health when adults. The research showed that school popularity lessens the risk of such health problems as diabetes and various heart dysfunctions.

On the other hand, kids who don’t get along well with their peers and whose school social status is low suffer from hormonal, nutritional and metabolic problems; they have a higher rate of hospitalization by four times. Their chances to develop ischemic heart disease are even greater, coming up to nine times the rate popular youngsters show.

They are also more likely to give in to diabetes, mental problems, or develop drug and alcohol dependency.

The researchers conclude that “children in lower peer status positions may adopt a more health-damaging lifestyle, including behaviors such as heavy smoking and drinking.”

Children who occupy the lowest positions in school hierarchy stand good chances to suffering from grave health problems when they grow up.

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