Sleep Deprivation Leads to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Every year, more and more children in the world are diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). A new research has shown that in many cases the real cause of behavioral problems is chronic sleep deprivation, rather than ADHD.

Make your Baby Sleep

Lack of Sleep & ADHD in Children

The experts from the School of Medicine at New York University have studied more than 1,100 British children and found that those who experienced a lack of sleep often developed the symptoms that were similar to the symptoms of ADHD. We are talking about the impossibility to concentrate, forgetfulness, aggression and apathy. In particular, if the child is not sleeping because of breathing problems, the risk of having behavioral problems at the age of 4 is up to 20-60% higher, and by the age of 7 years it increases by 40-100%.

Doctors say that today’s children do not sleep enough. Gadgets can be blamed partly- the light from their screens violates the mechanism of sleep regulation.

Does ADHD Really Exist?

By the way, despite the fact that doctors are increasingly diagnosing ADHD in children, the results of the research carried out by German and American scientists forced them to question the existence of such a disease.

The ADHD diagnosis is given to the children, who have difficulty with concentration, hyperactivity, and impulsivity, which cannot be controlled. However, many children with ADHD correspond to these symptoms only partially.

ADHD Is Just a Way to Earn Money

According to the conclusions of psychiatrist Joel Nigg and neurologist Damien Fair (USA), “sick” children often remember and understand information and concentrate their attention much better than healthy ones. According to the scientists, ADHD is just a fashionable diagnosis, which helps the doctors make pretty good money, while the children are stuffed with psychotropic drugs.

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